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The Nikon AxR confocal is here!

The Nikon AxR confocal has been installed in room 223 and replaces the Leica SP5. The Nikon confocal has temperature controlled incubation and a CO2 supply for live imaging. The R stands for Resonant scanner for increased speeds and the Field Of View is pretty impressive too.

The Nikon confocal comes with a water pump to allow extended stage travel with the high NA water objectives by maintaining the meniscus across long travel distances. The water pump will also prevent evaporation during long-term live imaging experiments.


The GIIF has a walk-on part in The Great Bioquest launching this weekend.

The Great BioQuest is a web-based trail that takes players around the city centre exploring the local scientific history that has impacted the work we do at the Gurdon Institute today. Take part any time at

The Great BioQuest was created by Amy Foreman (Brand lab group).


The Nikon SoRa spinning disk has arrived!

Spinning Disk Confocal microscopes use a spinning disk of pinholes to reject out of focus light resulting in optical sectioning. Unlike a point scanning confocal, the whole field of view is simultaneously illuminated and the image captured on a camera chip. The resulting improvement in speed and the lower light load makes a spinning disk confocal ideal for live imaging

The SoRa Disk contains a modified micro-lens pinhole array which enables optical photon reassignment giving rise to a 1.4x resolution improvement over standard spinning disk technology. 

The water pump allows high-content plate screening with the high NA water objectives by maintaining the meniscus across the entire plate. 


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